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Adjustable Pull-up Dip Station, Power Tower, Pull-ups Stand for Home Gym, Strength Workout, Horizontal Bars, Fitness Equipment

Adjustable Pull-up Dip Station, Power Tower, Pull-ups Stand for Home Gym, Strength Workout, Horizontal Bars, Fitness Equipment

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Brand Name: None

Origin: Mainland China

Type of sports: Strength Training

Training Site: ARMS

Training Site: Core

Application: Indoor Horizontal Bar

Model Number: Training Dip Stands Station

Features: Multifunction, Sturdy Construction, Adjustable

Type: Pull Up Bars

Sport/Activity: Gym & Training

Style: Chin-up, Pull-up, Push-up, Dips

Material: Steel

Load-bearing Capacity: 150kg/330 lbs

Color:‎ Black;White

Material: ‎Steel

Process: Plastic Spraying

Shape: Rectangular

Style: Chin-up, Pull-up, Push-up, Dips

Special Feature: Durable

Mounting Type: Floor Mount

Assembly Required: Yes

Handle Type: ‎Fixed

Suggested Users: ‎Unisex-adult

Load-bearing Capacity: 150kg/330 lbs

Foot Mat Diameter: 10cm/3.9inch

Oblate Tube Size: 30*60*1.2mm/1.18*2.36*0.047inch

Distance from Bottom to Crossbar: 103cm/40.55inch

Distance between Two Brackets: 55cm/21.65inch

Top Bar Length: 98cm/38.58inch

Horizontal Handle Length: 35.5cm/13.98inch

Adjustable Height: 165-210cm/64.96-82.67inch

Base Size(L*W): 82*75cm/32.28*29.52inch

Package Size: 130*35*14cm/51.18*13.78*5.5inch

Net Weight: 16kg/35.27 lbs

Gross Weight: 18kg/39.68 lbs

Package Included

1* Training Dip Stands Station

1* Chinese Manual

All Accessories for Assembly


This product can support various exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, dips, chin-ups, knee raises, pressure legs, and abdominal raises to train your muscles, arm, back, chest, shoulders, and leg muscles. It is suitable for homes, offices, gyms, fitness rooms, and so on. It also fits adults or children to grow workout&fitness and the elderly to exercise.

Three Workout Stations on this Power Tower

1.The handle above: Pull-ups exercise the back, forearms, biceps, waist muscles, and shoulders and improve your grip strength. It boosts upper body strength, improves heart and lung function, and is popular for broadening the back and shoulders.

2.The horizontal handle: A dip is an upper-body strength exercise to characterize thighs&abdominal muscle lines, reduce fat, and increase endurance. You can also do parallel-bars exercises with the lengthened handles(13.98") and have leg pressing to relax the leg muscles after exercising.

3.The lower handle: Push-ups exercise back and arm muscles, and lift hips and lower leg line


Prepare a training dip stands station at home, and you can do exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, and dips conveniently without going to a fitness center, saving you money and helping you keep fit. Our product features high quality, exquisite designs, and firm construction, making it safe and durable. Its 10-level height adjustment and 330 lbs bearing allow for the whole family to use it. It is also suitable for gyms, offices, etc.

Key Features

Premium Material: This product is made of premium steel material with a plastic spraying treatment, making it high-strength, anti-rust, and not easy to deform.

10-Level Adjustable Height: It allows for 10 levels of height adjustment(64.96-82.67 inches) through the equipped locknuts and pre-drilled holes, which is convenient for different ages, heights, and figures to fit the whole family workout.

Sturdy Structure: The heavy-duty square steel frame construction, H-shape base with anti-rollover foot tubes and L-shape supports, anti-back-tipping reinforcement crossbar, and stable triangular supports give this product maximum stability&safety and make it support up to 330 lbs.

Good for Your Family: Doing exercises with this product regularly can help you and your family with burning calories and cellulite reduction, building good body shape, effectively invigorating health and physical development.

Stylish Appearance: The rectangular frame with an arc design and versatile black color, along with the plastic spraying treatment that increases its texture, gives this product a stylish and modern appearance.

Delicate Design: The proper base size(32.28*29.52 inches) makes it easier to place this product in an office or home area without worrying about taking up much space.

Time&Money Saving: Installing a training dip stands station at home allows you to do exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups and dips conveniently without going to a fitness center, saving you money and time.

Easy to Clean: Because of the smooth surface with a plastic spraying treatment, you can wipe the dirt from this product with a wet cloth.

Simple Installation: With the simple structure and complete accessories, you can install this product easily by yourself. And girls can complete it alone.

Protective Package: To prevent the product from being damaged and bumped during transportation, we packed it with pearl cotton to protect your products to the maximum extent possible.

Ideal Gift: With a modern and simple style, versatile black color, and powerful functions, this product is an excellent gift to you&your friends for various holidays such as Christmas, New Year, and birthdays.


Comfortable Handle: The four non-slip handles and the foam-wrapped top bar allow you to hold them firmly and make you enjoy fitness. Moreover, the ergonomic curved handle design will prevent your wrist from sprains.

Non-slip Foot Mats: The enlarged round foot mats(3.9" in diameter) on the bottom can adjust the flatness that contacts with the ground, improve the safety and stability, and avoid scratching the floor.

Round Edge: The burr-free and round edge adds beauty to this product and prevents your hands/clothes from scratching.

Plum Handle Screws: The plum handle screws allow for easy adjustment of the height, fix the brackets firmly, and add beauty to this product.


1.This package does not include a waist-twisting disc or other display props.

2.Please assemble the product and tighten the lock screws. Please do not install the top bar under the branch to avoid breakage. Please confirm that the mounting surface is firm enough before installing.

3.If the height of a child is limited and needs to be lowered by another gear, you can only install one plum blossom knob on both sides to adjust the height to 1.6m/5.24ft. This method is for reference only and is not recommended.

4.Please do warm-up exercises before using this product.

5.Please prevent the risk of falling when using, and do not do dangerous actions such as standing upside down or hanging upside down. Children need to use this product under adult supervision.

6.Please read the operating manual completely before use. And pay particular attention to the safety instructions included.

7.Please allow the slight color difference caused by the shooting light and 1-3cm error due to manual measurement, and make sure you do not mind before you order.

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